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1-3 days  for preparing!
1 Express company: 
We usually use EMS, DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and sea freight. 
2 Shipping time:
DHL:The Shipping Time is 4-7 Working Days.
EMS:The Shipping Time is 4-8 Working Days,(Northern Europe, Africa and South America may need 7-9 Working days)
Fedex : The Shipping Time is 4-6 Working Days.
TNT:The Shipping Time is 6-8 Working Days.
UPS: The Shipping Time is 5-7 Working Days.
3 Express company choice:
You can freely choose different express companies. Of course, we would also give you the best suggestion on the most suitable express company and freight. It can help you save cost and shipping time. 
4 Package safety:
Our customers come from more than 100 countries around the world which are more than 300 cities. We send out more than 50 packages everyday for different customers. At the same time, we will provide the most appropriate express method to customers according to our rich experience.
For example(show of experience):
(1) The United States, Canada, England, France, Spain, Portugal and some western countries, the EMS will be cheaper. If the weights of the goods reache 18Kg, we will suggest you to use the DHL or UPS. Because the cost is the same as the EMS but it will be faster. (For Spain, UPS is better than DHL.)
(2) The Netherlands, Italia and European countries cannot use the EMS, and the DHL is the safest and fastest.
(3) If the first number of Italian Zip Code is one of the number from 0 to 5, it cannot send big package. And if the first number of the Zip Code is one of the number from 6 to 9, it will be very safe whatever the parcel is big or small .
(4) Russia, Romania, Croatia, Ukraine, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Brazil (Brazil should pay customs duties), Columbia, Peru, Venezuela and other South American countries and Scandinavia countries often use EMS. Meanwhile, if the weights of the goods reache 18Kg, it also can use DHL and only need fewer freight cost.
(5) Africa and Middle East Arab countries usually use DHL and FEDEX.
(6) Some in the sea islands, we usually choose to use FEDEX.
(7) South-east Asian countries, Japan, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, EMS is the best choice.
Rich experience in the freight allows us to use different express companies flexibly. We will suggest customers use the most appropriate freight method according to different countries, different cities and different weight of packages so that we can help customers save cost,ensure safety and ship fast.
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